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Divorce Dissolution and Separation 

Whether you are married or in a civil partnership the end of that relationship can be worrying and stressful leaving you anxious and in the dark about your finances, your home and your children. 
In a perfect world it would be great to think that couples could agree their differences and come to an amicable and fair settlement without difficulty. However, whilst we are sure that this does happen in some cases the vast majority of breakdowns in relationships require help. Whether that be help with a divorce or dissolution of civil partnership or with settlement of financial assets. 
The law in this area is often complicated and regularly changes to reflect changes in society. 

Why choose us? 

Garfield and Joanne have many years of experience advising in this area. They are committed to providing you with the very best in advice and support at a time when you may be feeling vulnerable and moving in to the unknown. It is important to try and resolve your dispute with a non-confrontational approach by agreement. However, there are times that feelings and emotions take over and distract couples from moving forward. It is then that you will need someone to provide you with advice and support to safeguard you, your family and your assets. Garfield and Joanne are committed to providing this level of service. 

What our clients say: 

"Very efficient and simply explained legal advice, costs are clearly explained up front and paid in manageable stages" 
“We have worked with Your Local Family Solicitors before. they are very professional and let's just say that we have not been disappointed with the final results” 
"Two court cases over 15-18 months, helping me with both successful results in my favour" 
“Garfield was prepared to go that extra mile to help us” 
"Our whole family now feels that we can get back to living normal lives in a safe and secure place" 
" Joanne is a brilliant Solicitor" 


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Office tel: 01543 441 802 
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