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Financial Settlement 

Taking the right approach for you 

Arguably the most stressful aspect of any separation, divorce or dissolution if not handled with skill, care and the right approach. It is preferable if parties can have some form of an agreement or if an agreement can be reached in mediation. However, this is not always possible and in these circumstances we are ready to help you. Whether your financial circumstances are complex, high net worth modest or you just wish to make sure you are have a clean break. 
No one case is the same, each case is based upon individual circumstances and as such it is imperative that the right approach is taken for you. 

The law surrounding financial settlement 

The principles of financial settlement have been crafted within case law that is constantly evolving. The law is based upon equality and fairness, this is measured against other guiding principles such as (but not exclusive to) the needs of all parties and children and all the individual circumstances of your particular case.  
We work hard to maintain the right approach for you and to try to resolve you case without the need for the commencement of proceedings. 

Financial Proceedings 

Whilst Court proceedings may be daunting, in the right circumstances, for instance where there has been delays in concluding a settlement, Court proceedings are often the best forum to focus the parties’ minds upon resolving their issues as the Court process is designed to reach financial settlement with the assistance of Court led dispute resolution. 
Negotiating and concluding a financial settlement takes time skill and dedication. We aim to provide you with a timely and cost effective solution that meets your needs. 
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Useful information 

See our guide to financial settlement. 


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